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Title:  Mint Green PST Tube Shortage

Test:  All tests using PST tubes, except Troponin and Glucose Confirm

Explanation:  Due to a nationwide shortage of Mint Green PST tubes, all chemistry testing, with the exception of troponin and confirmatory glucose testing, will be drawn and analyzed using gold/yellow top SST tubes.  This may affect turnaround times due to the required 30 minute clotting time.  Troponins will be collected in mint green PST tubes and Glucose Confirms will be collected in grey tubes.  Please pay attention to Mobilab tube types when collecting, if applicable.





Current Tube Type

New/Temporary Tube Type

Chemistry Tests currently using PST tubes, with the exception of the tests below

Mint Green PST

Gold/Yellow SST


Mint Green PST

Mint Green PST

Glucose Confirm

Mint Green PST

Grey Top




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