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-Send completed Laboratory Downtime Requisition with specimen(s) to lab.

**Be sure to affix chart label to each copy!


-Orange folders with downtime documents will be delivered to each unit on Thursday (4/30) evening.

Outpatient Locations (Meditech order entry):

Send completed General Laboratory Requisition with specimen(s) to lab.


Outpatient Locations (non-Meditech order entry):

Submit orders normally.

Other Information:

Results will be faxed to the ordering location. Critical results will be called and faxed. When reviewing result, please refer to Downtime Reference Ranges document.


For result inquiries – Call Client Services 274-4474


Add-on test request – Call Client Services 274-4474


Note: Once Meditech is restored the originating location will perform necessary registrations and Lab will order all specimens received during downtime.